Hey Oakland! It’s up to all of US to make sure that all OUSD students can learn in safe comfortable classrooms and school buildings with 21st century equipment. 

Many of our local schools were built over 70 years ago. Aging classrooms with old plumbing, asphalt covered schoolyards, outdated technology and no air conditioning require urgent upgrades. With the changing climate we need to invest in green schoolyards, better air and water quality and energy efficiency. Outdated facilities put students at a disadvantage; and as temperatures rise with climate change, classrooms without air conditioning reach uncomfortable and unsafe temperatures of up to 100 degrees putting student safety in jeopardy. 

We are confident that Oakland voters want to provide safe, modern facilities to support our students' continued success, just as they have in the past! This fall, we will have a chance to do just that, when OUSD will put a school facilities construction bond on the ballot. We need your support now to jumpstart this effort.


Our local tax revenues can leverage additional State and philanthropic funding.


Under State law, our local Oakland bond money cannot be taken by the State. All funds must be used for approved school facilities construction and repair projects.


The Board is committed to putting stronger oversight control in place with an expanded role for the citizens oversight committee.

Download this detailed presentation about Measure Y


In 2012, Oakland taxpayers generously approved the Measure J school facilities bond, which funded:


  • State of the art CTE facilities at Fremont High 

  • Much needed rebuilds at Glenview Elementary, Madison Park Academy and Greenleaf Elementary.

  • A new Central Kitchen, 

  • Dozens more athletic fields, solar initiatives,  and other critical components.

Despite this progress, our aging school facilities continue to need attention, with about $3 billion in repairs and upgrades needed in upcoming decades.

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